Angel Book 1: Guardian - Katrina Kahler

Angel Book 1: Guardian

By Katrina Kahler

  • Release Date: 2015-09-01
  • Genre: Paranormal


An Exhilarating New Series by the Best Selling Author - KATRINA KAHLER (Amazon All Star Award Author)
A unique, enthralling and sensitive story about Ella, a 17 year old girl...her love, adversity and paranormal experiences.

- He seemed like Ella's dream, handsome and loving, but there was a darker side to Taylor. Ella was head over heels in love with him...until his jealous aggressive streak destroyed their relationship. Luckily for Ella, her guardian angel protects her from his darkness...until one day when he is forbidden to intervene. -

A totally compelling story that you won't be able to put down.